TOO Hotel’s promise is simple – we are committed to offering a new venue to a generation that embodies the future. This thoughtfulness starts with the working conditions provided to the hotel’s own staff who, regardless of whether they are based in offices or the kitchens, all enjoy a light-infused environment overlooking Paris.

Resolutely forward-looking, environmentally aware and sustainable, TOO Hotel was carefully designed to blend into its environment and the world, satisfying the criteria imposed by the most stringent environmental labels:

  • NF BT HQE (high environmental quality) certification + “Sustainable Building”” passport (“Exceptional” level)
  • “EFFINERGIE +” label
  • LEED for Core and Shell certification (Platinum level)
  • Well certification (Platinum level)

The environmental dimension was taken into consideration as of the tower design phase by Jean Nouvel’s team.

The day-to-day running of the hotel is scrupulously designed to be a benchmark in terms of sustainability, and promote the best possible practices:

  • Limited number of baths and custom bathroom fittings with built-in water flow regulation
  • Recovery of rainwater
  • Widespread use of home automation for smart energy management: automation of easy services (automatic air conditioning, smart rooms with occupancy sensors, etc.)
  • Limited number of openings to avoid extreme temperature variations
  • Double-blind systems guaranteeing total darkness in all rooms – a source of energy saving
  • Double bins for waste sorting